War Surplus

War Surplus cover

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“[There’s] a growing gap between military families and other Americans. To bridge that gap, singer-songwriter Becky Warren put the experiences that she knows well into a new album.” —NPR, All Things Considered

“Once in a blue moon, you’ll hear an artist for the first time who presents a debut solo album with moving music and stirring lyrics that immediately touch the heart and soul. In 2016, Nashville singer-songwriter Becky Warren is that artist, and the potent, poignant War Surplus is that album.” —Huffington Post

“This record is really from the gut. I think it needs to be heard.” —Amy Ray of The Indigo Girls

Becky Warren’s War Surplus tells the story of an Iraq War vet, Scott, and his girlfriend, June.

All songs by Becky Warren except “Stay Calm, Get Low”, lyrics by Becky and music by Becky & Brad Hammer.

Album cover art: Unserviceable by Drew Cameron, Combat Paper.